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About Us

Innoflaps is the first in India to manufacture speech devices that aid speech therapy process and can be used for home therapy. Our core goal is to deliver superior value products and services to our clients, parents and society at large.

We have a strong team that has committed to works towards a common goal i.e. to reach to more and more people who have speech and language impairment and provide them with solutions so as to help them with speech proficiency. Innoflaps intend to achieve this through our technologically advanced devices and well planned therapy sessions. We are researchers in the field of speech complexities and manufacturer of speech therapy products.

About Us

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help patients achieve maximum success in therapy with the help of our products. Innoflaps aims to ease the therapy process by supplementing home based speech therapy devices. To achieve our mission, we work with a strong team of doctors and technological researchers and developers having experience of more than nine years in their respective fields. We work with zeal to find the best solution. An energetic, intuitive zeal that arises from emotional engagement with the clients that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best. A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.

Why Us?

The highest standards of professionalism is followed by us and we are being recognized for doing so. Innoflaps brings innovative products to the market quickly, but differently from our peers. We are way ahead in terms of our product technology and efficiency and it costs half of what is available in the market. Innoflaps is a trusted brand in our field, many doctors and speech therapists advise/ recommend our product to their clients.

  • 12.5 million adults and about 10 million kids under the age of seven with speech disabilities, hearing disorders and autism in India alone. We intend to reach to more and more people and provide them our tested/trusted solution. Our target is to reach about one million people with speech and hearing disorders by 2018, while continuously working on the betterment of the products and services.

  • All of our users, adults or happy parents of a treated child have given us positive feedback. Making our commitment getting stronger day by day.

  • Many professionals and speech therapists recommend our products to their patients, for faster and effective recovery.

  • In case you have any problem, queries or concerns regarding the product or its usage, our customer care is always ready to help you as and when required.

Our Team

Mr. Prashant Goyal: Co-founder, with 10 years of experience having worked at Samsung, Freescale and Stryker as product developer of medical devices, semiconductors and consumer electronics.

Mrs. Soniya Gupta: Co-founder, Audiologist & Speech therapist, has treated more than 500 patients in past seven years.

Dr. Pravesh Arya: Ph.D SLP,AIISH,Lead Research Associate,looking upon device research studies and publications.

Mr. Amit Choudhary: Production manager, Integral part of design and development of  products for the leo.

Mr. Amit Kumar: Electronics designer and developer, handles the research and development division for the company.

Gyaneshwor Haobijam

Mr. Gyaneshwor Haobijam: Working as Digital Marketing Executive(SEO,SMO)

Mr. Partishthit Mathur: Working as  Business Development Executive

Jomy Jose: Working as  Public Relation & Digital Marketing Associate