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Best Treatment Approach for Bothersome Tinnitus

Do & don’t in Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition where person feel internal unwanted noisy, ringing, whistling, hissing sounds without presence of external sound. Best Treatment Approach for Bothersome Tinnitus. This sound can be limited to single or both ears or may spread within brain. Medically this unwanted sound is diagnosed as tinnitus. Sometime tinnitus is not annoying but sometime tinnitus is very annoying that affects person’s Quality of Life. That kind of tinnitus is Bothersome Tinnitus. Bothersome tinnitus is a condition where sufferer wants to relief in any cost. The sufferer goes for all diagnostic evaluations and treatment approach. They undergo for medications like pills and injections but sometime they don’t get relief. in such condition the best treatment approach for bothersome tinnitus is sound therapy.

bothersome tinnitus

Sound therapy is the best treatment approach where sufferer is diagnosed with their frequency and intensity of tinnitus and they are provided with customized soothing external sound that makes brain more habituated to tinnitus. Sound therapy is helpful in distracting sufferer to their annoying sound.

While using sound therapy approach sufferer doesn’t feel any presence of internal sounds as these soothing sounds reduces the hyperactivity of brain neurons firing. With Continuous use of sound therapy sufferer became habituated and reports as absence of internal sounds. This happens with continues use of sound therapy approach. Now days this sound therapy is not limited to hospital but also available as home based tinnitusrelief solution in India and abroad. Based on sufferer need these solutions are much beneficial where different sounds of high frequency range are available. The solution will be helpful with correct diagnosis /matching of tinnitus frequency and intensity. Based of diagnosed report sound is customized and given to sufferer. Gradually with the help of sound therapy person start ignoring annoying sound and keep doing their routine work. The anxiety and stress level decreases and persons start living happily

While using sound therapy approach, do and don’t should be followed –

  • Initially avoid going in high noisy area where noise level is exceeded above 70-80 dB.
  • While using treatment approach keep doing own daily activities
  • Take advice of your ENT doctors
  • Listen soft music
  • Be relax and stress free
  • Do mediations
  • Don’t concentrate on sounds
  • Avoid taking caffeine in night during sleep
  • Keep yourself busy with your family member
  • Always be in touch with your family doctors
  • Don’t let yourself down due to this annoying sound

As there is solutions for your problem is available

When you feel ringing or any annoying sound pattern than immediately consult to your doctor. Doctor will refer you for some mandatory tests related to your problems. After evaluation report doctor will refer you for your suitable treatment either medication or sound therapy. If you have worsen condition than doctor will suggest you to sound therapy approach.

During treatment try to listen soft soothing music that will make your brain to feel relax.

Be relax and stress free during treatment

Meditation is also very helpful in avoiding annoying internal sound.

Sometime sufferers are so passionate that they always concentrate their annoying sound that raises intensity of tinnitus. Better to avoid concentrating on tinnitus.

Avoid taking coffee in night time during sleep as some studies shows results that caffeine is an obstacle in sleep.

Keep yourself busy with your family member while using treatment approach.

Don’t let yourself down due to this annoying sound

As there is solutions for your problem is available. Mostly bothersome tinnitus highly affects person’s quality of life that let him very depress. There are lot of solutions are avail which is helpful in giving instant relief so don’t be stressful consult with your doctor and search best solutions.