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Group Therapy Solution

Speechifi is a change that has the potential to change the way you lead your life. The enhanced features of Speechifi acts as a catalyst to your speedy recovery. Empathetically designed, it is a portable, battery operated device with intensive speech and language stimulation.

Problems targeted:

  • Autism
  • Delayed speech and language
  • Hearing impairment
  • Low IQ, slow learning
  • Adult Neurological speech disorder: Aphasia, Stroke, Memory loss
  • Expressive and receptive developmental language disorder
  • Learning disability
  • Signal to noise ratio is very good.
  • Full acoustic energy to the ears.
  • Nicely visible flash cards.
  • Finer differences between voiceless plosives, voiced plosives, and nasal consonants.
  • No need to remove hearing aid.
  • Head phone is placed over the hearing aid.
  • Equal output is given to each child without any distortion in group therapy.

By placing headphone over the ears children listen to the teachers’ instructions without any destructivity and they responds better by expressing whatever is being taught.

  • Within lesser time 10-12 children can be treated by single therapist or teacher.
  • More attentive
  • Less destructivity
  • Reduces hyperactivity
  • More expressive
  • Better understanding without any loss of acoustic energy
  • Speechifi group therapy solution is assistive communication devices that assists and prepares educators and therapists to perform effective speech therapy and special education.
  • Its working in a school environment hinges upon the two-modality principle, namely, auditory and visual principle.
  • Speechifi stores and delivers high quality sound with full acoustic energy, which enables a person to listen properly and differentiate between two distinct sounds.
  • This device comes with a recording feature, with which live sound can be recorded and repeated to the entire classroom, thus reducing teacher’s efforts.
  • In a school setup, up to twelve headphones can be connected to their individual table, which in turn will be connected to the device.
  • The headphones can be placed over the students’ hearing aid or cochlear implant which allows them to listen to words distinctly and clearly.