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How to get Tinnitus treatment.


how to get tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus patients do surfing on Google about tinnitus treatment that how to get tinnitus treatment for their problem.Around 7% population have perception of ringing buzzing, whistling, fountain noise, insects’ noise, vehicle noise or any kind of ringing or noise without presence of external sound that is tinnitus. Tinnitus sufferer always tries to seek best treatment for tinnitus.

What all steps tinnitus sufferer takes to get rid of  Tinnitus ?


Initially when a sufferer feels ringing or buzzing in their ear they don’t bother so much. But gradually when these unwanted sound interfere in their sleep or daily quality of life than they starts taking action.

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A tinnitus sufferer consult to their family doctor and they goes to Otolaryngologists for their treatment of internal noise. Many of otolaryngologists have OPD of tinnitus sufferer. They do tests and recommend them for full Audiological evaluations and prescribe them for medications based on severity. Patient gets done all tests where they underwent for hearing test and middle ear functioning by Tympanometry and tinnitus matching. Sufferer takes medicine but they are very unstable for particular treatment as they want quick rid off from tinnitus. Along with allopathic treatment they use to take homeopathy, ayurvedic treatment.

Tinnitus sufferer doesn’t get relief from their problem. Again they roam around ENT specialist. ENT suggests them sound therapy or they said live with this as it is and continue your medicine. But there are some ENT specialists who are expert in dealing tinnitus and suggest them for best treatment approach like sound therapy or tinnitus retraining therapy along with prescribed medications. Anyhow tinnitus sufferer wants to get rid off from their problem. They follow all guidance of doctors. Some tinnitus sufferer gets done their MRI. But that is also reveals normal.

Day by day the Quality of life is getting worsen due to tinnitus. They can’t sleep, they are becoming irritated, and try to seek a treatment by which they can at least sleep and can improve their life style.

How A Sufferer Gets Settled Her Tinnitus (Brief Story) –

We had a patient, 48years/Female-suffering from tinnitus since last 2.5 years. She had complaint of continuous noise in her left ear and went to many hospitals and clinics and continuously taking medicine. She feels better until she takes medicine. As she stops taking medicine again she starts hearing noise. She was getting frustrated day by day and had facing problem while sleeping. That results in headache. She seems unhappy and family members were also very worried about her problem. They went to psychologist for counseling about problem. Still the lady was unable to survive with the problem. As the noise was highly disturbing her in her daily routine work and in silence and sleep time.

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After roaming here and there for 2.5 years she had consult a good neurologist in good hospital he suggested a well known otolaryngologists. where doctor referred her for tinnitus retraining therapy that is a sound therapy. She came here and took advice of audiologist and gets all tests done again. Here we introduced best treatment approach through innovative way and home based solution for tinnitus. She had taken sound therapy for thrice a day for 45 minute at home.

After a month she came again and we had done test again where she was satisfyingly using solution and happily spending her life with their family member. She said now she can sleep in night although she still had some problems. We recommended her to use solution for 6 month. She is continuing sound therapy along with prescribed medication under the guidance of qualified doctors.

Improve your quality of life by settling your problem.

Tinnitus is a big problem and now days the number of tinnitus sufferer is increasing. It is worsen the quality of life of sufferer but best doctor and good approach can improve your quality of life by settling your problem. Here are some do and don’t. Which need to always follow while treatment. All sufferers should take treatment under qualified doctors’ guidance. As soon as they starts taking action the problem can easily shelled down. Systematic treatment approach may improve your quality of life like above examples. We have many examples like above where tinnitus got settled but that need proper testing clinical evaluation. Counseling, medication and best sound therapy approach.

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