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5 ways to improve the quality of life

How to improve quality of life of a tinnitus sufferer has become a big challenge for doctors. Many researches have been done for the treatment of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition where person complain about different or variable sound heard in the ears ( right, left or both) or in the brain in absence of external sound.  The pattern sound might be consistent of varies. These sounds are ringing, buzzing, hissing or the combination of more than one sound. These unwanted sounds not only affect person physical status like headache , depression, anxiety, stress, but it affects the daily life of sufferer in term of daily routine activities, concentration on work and sleep disturbance.

Patient goes for all the medication, diagnostic evaluation of hearing, MRI, CT scan of brain, etc. Sometimes tinnitus sufferer has complaint of decrease hearing along with unwanted internal sounds. Tinnitus might be associated with or without hearing loss. Irrespective associated features, the fact is  that the tinnitus worst the quality of life of a person. Person with tinnitus always needs to get rid of these internal sounds. He goes for all the medications and injections. still they don’t get relief their tinnitus. This condition is called bothersome tinnitus where medications get failed and professional recommends sound therapy or tinnitus retraining therapy. Tinnitus retraining therapy is a non invasive procedure for tinnitus treatment where brain is retrained to get habituate for internal sounds by external noises. These external noises are matched with the loudness level and frequency level of internal sound.


There are 5 ways to improve the quality of life.

1. Ignore the internal sound

Once the person complains the tinnitus, then he is guided just ignore the internal sound and don’t think about that sound is coming and do your work as you were doing before.

2. Counselling

Counseling has the major role for tinnitus sufferer where family and patient all being counselled that don’t scare with the tinnitus, it is just unwanted sound. But gradually you become habituated. He has been told about to be busy in your work, listen soft music and live happily.

3. Be relax and avoid situation

If sufferer is not getting relieved, he is suggested about available different sound therapy solutions which are very helpful to reduce the intensity of tinnitus.

4. Try to listen soothing sound

Sufferer is also told to be relaxed and avoid in going noisy traffic area.

5. Be busy with family and our work.

Talk to your family and don’t be quite. Try to be happy.


Sometimes person with tinnitus follow and habituates or adapted the tinnitus but some patients can’t survive with tinnitus and don’t adapt. In that situation, they feel instant benefit with sound therapy The advance tinnitus clinic aim is to treat tinnitus as soon as possible provides full professional services to person with tinnitus, in term of diagnostic, counseling and smart hand solution of different customized caliber sound in single device. The team of professional and engineers has been discovered the solution of tinnitus where matching of tinnitus can be done till high frequencies and based on evaluation customized solution is provided to person with tinnitus. The device reduces hyperactivity or abnormal neural firing in the brain and consequently neural fires in normal way that result in decrease loudness of tinnitus and patient become habituated with regular use of tinnitus relief solution. Gradually his quality of life is improved.