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What is Language Disorder?

Language is a collection of words and sentences either written, spoken, expression with gestures and body language.  There are mainly two common disorders people are facing while speaking or talking, i.e. 1. Language disorder, 2. Speech disorder. Language disorder mainly occurs in children.

Speech-and-Language-developmentLanguage disorder refers to the impairment that a person is unable to speak or express to others what he or she is thinking and unable to understand what exactly other persons are saying. The person with language disorder makes very difficult communication with others. Having language disorder, they can’t properly communicate with others. This problem will affect their social life so badly. If you are concerned about your child language disorder, you are not alone. This problem is mainly a childhood problem. There are various means to reduce and treat language disorder.

Children with language disorder mostly speak ungrammatical and incomplete words or sentences. Even they don’t answer a simple question, not more than few words. While friends of your child speak, play and cut jokes, he/she will keep mum.Language disorder is not the same as hearing disorder and speech disorder. Children with language disorder have no issue with hearing and speech disorder. This problem can be treated successfully.

Types of Language Disorder

  1. Expressive language disorder: This is a condition that he or she is unable to produce expressive exact words what they are thinking. If we talk about normal ability a person should have, they have lower than normal ability in vocabulary, producing complex sentences and remembering words.
  1. Receptive language disorder: This is a condition that he or she is unable to understand what others are saying.
  1. Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder: This is a condition that he or she has both expressive and receptive language disorder. Children with this disorder neither speak nor understand. This is a very complex problem.

There are two main possible sources that a person will have language disorder. First is developmental and second is acquired. Developmental disorder mainly occurs to children. They start speaking later than their peers. This doesn’t affect their intelligent level. Early treatment is the best solution for this disorder. Secondly, acquired language disorder is through some accidents or injury. Head or brain injury may cause acquired disorder or may be through some illness. Thus, it results in hearing loss.

Causes of language disorder

  • Neurological disorder: Neurological disorders are diseases of the brain, spine and the nerves that connect them.
  • Genes and hereditary: According to research, around 15 to 35 % of children from the family which had speech and language disorder are challenging language disorder.
  • Prenatal nutrition: Women who had very less nutrition during pregnancy are likely to have children with language disorder.
  • Early age hearing loss: Unfortunately, there are some children who lose hearing ability since birth or through some brain or head injuries.
  • Autism: It is a neurodevelopment disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

Some Effective Home Remedies for Your Child’s Language Disorder:

From the time your children start producing sounds and give respond, first of all teach them the name of things what they see in surroundings.

  • Frequent interaction with your children
  • Teach basic and new vocabularies everyday
  • Replace electronic gadgets with physical stimulation
  • Let them give respond through voice
  • Make a good plan to spend your maximum free time with them.
  • Teach them to speak with playing
  • Let them learn through audio and visual aids
  • Teach them to speak through verbal and non-verbal communication.

Generally, children have different types and issues of language disorders. There are various methods of treatment for children having language disorder depending upon what type of disorder they have. Firstly, the most important treatment is to concern a doctor. According to what the doctor say, treatment can be started as soon as possible. Usually, treatment through a therapist is the most common treatment people are concerning for it. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, there are various tools and techniques available for this treatment.

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