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SpeakFluent is a new technology to speak fluently and technique to gain benefits while communicating with others. Speaking proper English is a demand for major companies to get a job and to be successful in today’s world. People are allowed to communicate in a proper way and share their own ideas among a group of people. But there are people who might hesitate to talk or stammer while speaking. Such an individual usually remains unheard and do not get a second chance to speak. Though such skills of proper speaking can be improved by practice and learning but with advancement in technology. There has been a new device invented called the Speak Fluent.

a new technology to speak fluently


SpeakFluent is an  anti-stammering device which helps to improve fluency up to 80% within 1-2 months. Visual feedback is provided along with delay auditory feedback. With regular use of the device, persons with stuttering boost his/her confidence along with improved fluency.

Most people talk without much difficulty most of the time. It’s true that people hesitate and stumble over words at times, especially when under stress or fatigue. But they show little concern over such mistakes. What makes your speech different and what can you do to help yourself? Invariably, the person who stutters overreacts to his mistakes.

During the time that tension is so high, the flow of speech stops or will not start. As you continue to have these tense moments, that becomes different from what normal speakers experience, fear increases to higher and higher levels. You come to dread and perhaps avoid speaking.

Many stutterers learn that their greatest enemies are fear and tension. If the battle with stuttering is to be won, fear and tension must be eliminated. Let us look at some battle plans that have helped quite a few stutterers conquer the majority of their fears, eliminate excessive tensions. And Let us find that speech in most situations can once again come easily.