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Reduce Hesitation with High Confidence

Reduce Hesitation with high confidence

Reduce hesitation with high confidence is now easy with implementation of some small techniques. Hesitation and confidence are the most important parts of our personality. Personality represents your performance and etiquette. Everyone needs good personality for their bright future. In presence scenario, every person dreams of good personality. Career growth and good business depends on your personality. Hesitation and lack of confidence are the major obstacles for your career growth. Children and adult both need good fluency in speaking and better personality.

Improve Fluency of Speaking

Stuttering is a disruption in flow of speech. That reflects hesitation, lack of confidence an abnormal body movement. By improving fluency of speaking, person can reduce hesitation with high confidence. Improving fluency of speaking also reduces the fear of mingling up with other person. Interview, presentation, group discussion, immediate answer to question, avoidance behavior and teasing by friends all can be improved easily.

Whenever parents or person feel their children are not speaking well, they should consult their nearby doctor or speech therapist. There are smart  solution available which are helpful in reducing hesitation with high confidence that gives speedy improvement fluency of speaking.

The following problems can be seen in person due to hesitation and lack of confidence:

  • Less expressive
  • Substitution of word/sentences while speaking
  • Avoidance behaviour
  • Teasing by friends
  • Doesn’t answer the question even if he knows
  • Poor class presentation
  • Fear of stage performance
  • Fear of group discussion
  • Difficulty in getting job/ promotion

Above symptoms are commonly seen in person with stuttering problems. These problems affect a person’s personality. There are smart solutions available like SpeakFluent device which is helpful to overcome all above problems and boots confidence with better lifestyle.

SpeakFluent device is useful for age rang 5 to 50 years old. It gives speedy improvement in fluency with fast reduction in hesitation.

Speak Fluent device is helpful in following ways:

  • Reduces rate of speech
  • Helpful in muscle relaxation
  • Make fluent your speech
  • Boost confidence
  • Reduction in abnormal body movement
  • Reduction in repetition, pause, block, hesitation


  • Delayed auditory feedback
  • Visual indication of speaking parameter
  • Masking binaurally
  • Inbuilt white noise with speech (S/N ratio ↑↓)
  • Rechargeable with 3 days battery backup.
  • Portable, Easy user interface.
  • Tracking of Assignment

SpeakFluent device is anti stammering tool. Till 3 months regular use of device is helpful in giving 90 percent fluency in speech. People need not to wear it full day. SpeakFluent device is a handy solution that has to be used 3 times in a day for 30 minutes material  is prescribed with device too. No language barrier while using it, anyone can use this solution for their better fluency in speech