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Our customers are being satisfied by our devices.
They are saying about the benefits of Innoflaps Remedy's Speech, Language & Tinnitus Therapeutic Devices.

Meenakshi speech & hearing clinic

Ms. Sindusha Chandran,Senior Speech language pathologist & Cordinator MASLP, AIISH

Meenaskhi  Speech & Hearing Clinic, Delhi

Our clinic has been using SpeakFluent Instrument since 7-8 months. Since then we have used it for all clients with stuttering. We have found an overall 35% more improvement over traditional methods of therapy. It is easier to chart, document and track responses in DAF.

Dr. (Mrs.) Uma Tuli
Founder & Managing Secretary,
Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, Delhi


This is to certify that “Speechifi” is an useful device in improving the speech of people with speech impairment .I congratulate INNOFLAPS REMEDY PVT. LTD for making the instruments available to many of those who need it.

Founder & Managing Secretary – Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, Delhi


Mr. Harikesh, Audiologist

Decibel Speech and Hearing Aids Clinic, Gurgaon

Hi !

I’m using SpeakFluent device. It is a mind blowing instrument for stuttering patient. Thanks for developing this kind of instruments.

Little Angels Sr. Sec. School, Sonipat

We have Speechifi, Group Therapy Solution since july, 2015 and we are giving therapy 12 students at a time. We have seen better results in students having speech and language disorder.

Thanks to Innoflaps for providing such a nice product.

Mr. Aniket (Student – 20 yrs old), Delhi

Problem – Stammering

I have problem of fast rate of speech from my childhood. Because of this I was not able to express myself to my family and friend. I have used SpeakFluent for last 2 months and took 3 classes. It improved me upto 80-90% within a month. I really want to thanks Innoflaps which give me a wonderful device SpeakFluent which improved my language & fluency and boosts up my confidence.


Vishal Mehra,

Owner of Vani Speech Therapy & Hearing Aid Clinic, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Vani Speech and hearing clinic

Dear Prashant ji,

I have been using your products from last more than a year. Speechifi has really helped my autistic kids enrolled in early intervention program. Now my therapists are finding it more easy to help them building vocabulary speechify gives them both visual and auditory clues. These children have poor visual and auditory processing. The best thing about your product is that it is more reliable and durable. Can you please add more products like articulatory tools. Z-Vibe sensory products as they are very expensive ordered online also. You have a huge scope if you add local speech and occupational therapy products in your list.

Wish you good luck.

Spandan Clinic, Allahabad

I am running my clinic for last several years, I have purchased both SpeakFluent and Speechifi and doing therapy with these devices. Good products which show me satisfied results in my patient and I will suggest other therapist to go with device.

Thank you Innoflaps

Sheenu (6 yrs old), Student

Problem – Autism,

Parent’s feedback

When Sheenu was two years old, he was not speaking expected. He was not even able to speak Papa mummy. After being detected ‘Delayed Speech and Language’ disorder, doctors recommended for speech therapy. But due to lack of time, we were somewhat not able to go for same. But now using Speechifi for more than 4 months, not only he loves to go to school, but also his speech has improved significantly. No doubt, Speechifi worked as magic for us.

Tanishq (12 yrs old), Student

Problem – fast rate of speech

Parent’s feedback

We always got the feedback in Teacher parents meeting in school about Tanishq’s stammering and poor speech clarity. Due to these problems his marks also got affected. We used Speakfluent for around 2 months for 30 minutes daily. Now Tanishq is able to communicate properly and his marks also improved. This device really helps a lot.

Thank you Innoflaps Remedy


Even after wearing hearing aids, my child was not able to speak properly. So we went for speech therapy but were not able to go regularly. But now after giving live and recordable speech stimulation through Speechifi device. Nishant is recovering very fast. So seems like Speechifi device is very effective.

Shashakt (12 yr old), Student, Andrews Ganj Extension, Delhi

Problem – Cleft Palate

Parent’s feedback

I got reference from AIIMS Dental Department. The device speedily reduces hyper nasal voice of my son. Device is very useful to improve in speech therapy clearly. Handling is also very simple.

Thank you Innoflaps Remedy

Luxmi - Shahajapur

Tia ( 11 yrs old), Student, Preet Vihar, Delhi

Problem – Stammering

Parent’s feedback

Earlier I went to speech therapy session, but it was nothing much effective.  Finally, I went to Innoflaps Remedy. They recommend my daughter an anti stammering device – SpeakFluent. She is using it simply and results are stable. Now, I feel after 2 months, she stammer slightly but I have that equipement. So she can practice & overcome her problem. I am very happy.

Thank you Innoflaps

Mr. Chandrashekhar (28 yrs old) , C.A, Janakpuri, Delhi

Problem – stammering

While i was suffering from stammering, i was not be able to speak any sentence without stammer. My friend told me about the device that helps for stammering problem.The name of the device is SpeakFluent. Earlier I didn’t believe on it, i thought might be this device would not work. When I discussed with my family, my family gave advice to me “you should go for it”. Then I bought this and started it to use it. After few weeks it stared to give good results. Now I can speak without stammer. I can give presentation  easily. Public dealing is becoming easy for me. I feel very confident. I am so happy and give to all should try this. It really helps to stammer people.

Luxmi - Shahajapur

Mrs. Sunita, Special Educator, Aligarh

I am special educator and using Speechifi at home. Speechifi gives me speedy results in my students. It is very effective & comfortable device and value for money.

Thank you Innoflaps

Luxmi - Shahajapur

Mrs. Luxmi ( 25 yrs old), Shahajapur, Madhya  Pradesh

Problem – Cleft Palate

Luxmi - Shahajapur

Luxmi - Shahajapur

Vanshika (10 yr) & Sonam (14 yr) – Sibling,

Students, Chandigarh

There is no therapist in Chandigarh where we can afford and have long therapy sessions. One of my relative went to an exhibition & saw a speech & language trainer that provides systematic speech & language training for children. We came to Delhi & saw immediate results of my daughter. Even i took it at my home. Now my daughters are doing training with Speechifi device. As device is giving clear output, so my daughters can easily understand and using 100 % listening skills as device avoids lip reading.

Thank you very much Innoflaps

Mrs Santosh

Mrs. Santosh (Jyoti’s mother), Preet Vihar, Delhi

Parent’s feedback of using SpeakFluent device by her daughter

Our Satisfied Client – Dr. Madhavi Awasthi

using Speechifi Device in her clinic: