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TinnitusRelief – Brain Retrainer

TinnitusRelief device

TinnitusReliefTM  Device

– Brain Retrainer

– Smart & Portable Device

– As A Solution For Tinnitus

Innoflaps Remedy provides India’s first innovative device for tinnitus where there is no cure for it.

TinnitusReliefTM – Brain Retrainer

Where there is no tinnitus cure. Innoflaps provides India’s first, the closet thing to tinnitus miracle.

TinnitusRelief – Brain Retrainer is developed with the intention of simultaneously addressing the auditory, attentional, and emotional processes underlying the condition. It involves use of a medical device for daily, at home administration of an acoustic treatment, together with a comprehensive education, counseling, and support program.The team of professionals has developed non-invasive therapeutic device for Tinnitus.The solution is provided as portable device with full therapeutic material. Kindly go through the linked videos.

3 Steps Solution For Tinnitus

By TinnitusReliefTM  Device  

Tinnitus solution step 1




Device works on the principle of Habituation & Neuromodulation


  • High frequency generation from 100 Hz-16 kHz with step of 0.5 kHz.
  • Intensity – 10 dB HL to 110 dB HL.
  • Scanning to match with the internal sound (Pitch).
  • Specific  Calibrated Customized narrow band sound according to the matched pitch .
  • 22 different Calibrated customized sounds for brain training.
  • Pocket friendly portable. Rechargeable battery operated.


TinnitusRelief induces plastic changes within the patient’s brain, conditioned reflex arcs. Conditioned reflex connects auditory, limbic, and autonomic nervous systems. These are retrained/ modified along with the neuronal networks at the subconscious level of the auditory pathways. Majority of these connections are at the subconscious level.

How it works?

Initially the frequency and intensity of tinnitus is detected through audiological examination. After the identification of the tinnitus, the TinnitusReliefTM device is to be locked for the detected tinnitus frequency and intensity. The patient has to scan through the sounds which vary at 0.2kHz at a fixed intensity. The intensity of any particular frequency can be increased or decreased manually to pinpoint the exact tinnitus sound. This process enables to confirm the tinnitus sound besides enabling the user to get used to the device.

TinnitusRelief works on the principle of habituation training of subconscious brain. With the help of different calibrated customized sounds, user becomes habituate for Tinnitus. Gradually the internal sounds is disappeared by external customized calibrated sound with regular use of “TinnitusRelief”.

The conclusion of Brain Training is ultimately successful in habituating the negative reactions (HR),emotional associations (HE ),tinnitus perception (HP).


(1) Matching

TinnitusReliefTM device works as a screening audiometer. It can use to diagnose the Tinnitus either it is of the particular tone or of a sound/tone pattern. Device has frequency level from 100 Hz to 16 kHz with dB level from 10-110 dB to match the tone and it has 21 calibrated customized sounds which can be use to match the Tinnitus sound/tone pattern. First of all put the earphone in the ear of the patient and match his/her internal sound to the external sound and then adjust the dB (intensity) level. Finally the sound should be matched in the way such that the internal sound should be fully matched to the external sound of the device means that no internal sound is present now. In this way we can do the precised matching with the TinnitusRelief device, which indicates that candidate is fit for TRT(Tinnitus Retraning Therapy). And patient’s inhibition period will indicate that matching is correct and next step will be to check the most soothing pattern for him/her.


(2) Therapy

After doing precise matching of tinnitus we have to fill the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory Questionnaire and then find out the severity level based on the THI score. Now according to the THI score patient should use the device for 45 minutes for 2-3 times in a day. This time may vary according to the severity level and we have to note down the inhibition period on daily bases. With the current data of the using device (duration of using device, how many times it has been used in a day & inhibition period) we can define his/her course to treat the tinnitus.

During treatment patient have to listen only. No need to carry the device full day. We recommend to use the device when patient is in silent area, in the morning and before going to sleep.

Device can be used with the speaker also. If any patient have tinnitus with hearing loss and he/she is using hearing aid then the device can be used on speaker. This facility of the device give more realistic atmosphere in the room/area where patient is going to use device. 

(3) Maintenance

In maintenance, patient have to listen the prescribed sound for 2-3 times in a day according to severity level and he/she have to notice his/her inhibition period. In maintenance table. He/she have to write his/her progress and share it with the audiologist. After every 15 days patient’s counselling will be done to check his inhibition and quality of life/THI score.

This maintenance can be shown on the graph given below which is showing the improvement in quality of life and decrease in THI score.

After 3 days review or treatment, Patient is recommended to use the device at home.

 45 minutes 3 times a day

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus sounds are often described as buzzing, ringing, hissing, humming, roaring or whistling that someone hears in the absence of any external sound. Globally, tinnitus affects an estimated 10-15 percent of the population.

When You lose some of your hearing, then the tinnitus begins. This is the beginning of most people’s tinnitus. Contrary to most people’s perception, it is not just a continuation of the ringing that occurs when you hear a loud noise

Solution for Tinnitus

TinnitusRelief improves overall quality of life of the user.It provides brain Training to overcome internal sounds.We provide personally tuned and customized sounds in TinnitusRelief.

TinnitusRelief is available by prescription and is programmed by audiologist. It is a retraining of tinnitus through habituation.

TinnitusRelief is a customized tinnitus treatment promotes new neural connections in your brain and limbic system to filter out the tinnitus signal.

“Feel The Relief”

 Success Stories of TinnitusRelief Device

More than 1200 patients have been given treatment by  TinnitusReliefTM Device. Many tinnitus patients & professional are using the device all over India. They are being satisfied and given instant relief from the tinnitus problem by the device.

Research study of TinnitusRelief TM  Device has been done and published.

Device Videos 

Device Demonstration 

Tutorial Video of TinnitusRelief Device