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This limited warranty shall apply to Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd. For device defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the company, Innoflaps Remedy shall provide free of charge repair and/or replacement services within the warranty period.

Device Limited Warranty

Innoflaps warranty

Limited Warranty starts from the day the customer receives the product, provided that the device has been installed and used in accordance with the instructions and has not been damaged or deteriorated or malfunctioned resulting from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance. The warranty will cease to be applicable if the device has been opened or repaired by anyone other than the authorized representative of Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd. The device is designed to be used for the persons who have speech, language and & tinnitus problems.

Shipping Charges:

Charges of the defected device shall be borne by Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd, except for additional charges like octroi or entry tax.

Limited Geographical Warranty: Warrant is valid in India only

Other conditions of warranty:

  1. Limited warranty is only valid in India, and the product is not eligible for any international warranty service. To the fullest extent permitted by law, warranty service may only be performed by Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd or their authorized service centres.
  2. Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd may conduct screening tests on customers’ products. If any failure or defects found, go for reference or concern professionals to identify the causes of failures/defects.
  3. To contacting a Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd service agent, please ensure the following information is at hand:
    • Customer’s full address and contact information.
    • Order number, a copy of the customer’s original invoice/receipt.
  4. Warranty does not cover the following cases:
    • maintenance, cleaning, application update/installation, product demonstration, or any other service other than repair/replacement;
    • of the product caused by normal wearing and tearing, including but not limited to rust or stains;
    • other circumstances that are contradictory or are not in compliance with business ethics.
  5. Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd will determine whether a product is “Out of Warranty” at the company’s discretion according to the standards listed below. Repair of “Out of Warranty” products shall be separately quoted by the Innoflaps Remedy Pvt. Ltd service centre and respective service shall be provided upon service fee payment.
    • against warranty, including but not limited to customer induced damage, such as self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse, alternation, failure to comply with product manual, and so on.
    • warranty